Reaffirming When I Feel Most Alive

I feel most alive amidst The lilting arpeggio of birdsong– Shoes crunching through scattered leaves And my eyes lifted to a sky shimmering With a web of verdant limbs I feel most alive when My fingers pluck at nylon strings– Eyes closed, head tossed back, Mouth bursting at the seams with Thought-felt phrases knitted from … Continue reading Reaffirming When I Feel Most Alive

The Incessant Whispers of Insomnia

When you can’t tune out the Muse But your weary eyes refuse to skim another page, When muting the channel of inspiration is futile, Though your limbs ache and shake with The promise of imminent rain, You try to drown out the voices That defy the silence By meditating on diving deeper Into the present … Continue reading The Incessant Whispers of Insomnia