Reaffirming When I Feel Most Alive

Reclaiming When I Feel Most Alive II

I feel most alive amidst
The lilting arpeggio of birdsong–
Shoes crunching through scattered leaves
And my eyes lifted to a sky shimmering
With a web of verdant limbs

I feel most alive when
My fingers pluck at nylon strings–
Eyes closed, head tossed back,
Mouth bursting at the seams with
Thought-felt phrases knitted from the soul.

I feel most alive when
The melody of pure laughter escapes
From the pillowy lips of beloved kiddos–
Their tiny, yet powerful bodies hurling
Through the air into my waiting arms.

I feel most alive when
Palms brush across bare skin,
Breaths catch in stuttering chests,
Our fingers, our hearts, our minds
Intertwining as You and I become We.

© 2019 Renée Canada Wuerth

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