Medusa Hair, Do Care

Medusa Oblongata My straight-ish hair,At its longest, Stretches down to the bottomOf my shoulder blades.I remember being able to onceSit on the ends of my braidsAt my first grade deskIf I leaned back far enough.Now, I stare into the mirror,And an unholy crownFrames my face, likeThe flames of a fire–Though made of molten ashAnd steel … Continue reading Medusa Hair, Do Care

Sticky Sweet Reflections on Summers Past

When the school bell sounds its final ring, We pack up the Rabbit and head Down South, Where we will ride and walk, up and across, The flat, square city blocks of Charlotte. When the restless claim on her home overwhelms, Grandma sends us outside to pluck from The bounty from her summer garden, The … Continue reading Sticky Sweet Reflections on Summers Past

Letting Go of Radical Resolutions Leaves Me Free to Fly

(Adapted from my New Year's post on The Mind-Body Shift) A prevailing theme that threads through my work and my writing is the concept of change and one's ability to transform him or herself at any time or point in one's life. It's not surprising, really, when you consider that my name, Renée, literally means 'reborn' in … Continue reading Letting Go of Radical Resolutions Leaves Me Free to Fly

Back Behind the Writer’s Desk

I’m currently in the midst of rewriting and finally completing a young adult novel for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writer’s Month) that I first started 10 years ago. Yikes–I know, I can’t believe it’s been that long either! As a story first begun in an informal YA (Young Adult) fiction writing class, further developed in a … Continue reading Back Behind the Writer’s Desk